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Manage new and existing clients through our range of Customer Relationship Management tools. Setup and give them access to their own Client Portal.

Matter Management

Follow a prescribed workflow, add file notes, send emails and book appointments in your calendar. Automate tasks, messaging and document generation.


Setup an unlimited number of accounts. Invoice for fixed fee or time billing. Manage trust accounts. Report on everything.

In the cloud

Actionstep is a cloud based web application for Mac or PC. No need to worry about backups, upgrades or expensive servers. You just need a computer with a browser.

World class support

Actionstep or Consulting Partner offer dedicated email and phone support to answer all your questions within the shortest time possible. We’re committed to world class support.

Integrations and Apps

Our range of installable apps and plugins give you access to expert resources and the power of applications such as HotDocs, Google Mail, Microsoft Office & Xero.

Microsoft Office Integration

When it comes to editing, calendar, email, Microsoft Office is the #1 tool to get it done

Microsoft Office Plugin

Use Actionsteps plugin for Microsoft Office to connect both systems allowing you to access and edit files in Actionstep without leaving your Office software

  • Browse and open documents saved in Actionstep
  • Create files in Word and save them to matters in Actionstep
  • Create matter file notes
  • Record time
  • Create and edit tasks
  • Save Outlook email messages to matters

Calendar sync

Allow your Outlook to synchronize with your Actionstep, meaning any changes made in one is reflected in the other